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  • Murphy Brand Usher Uniform Dress
  • Style: H-131
  • Color: Black
  • Custom Made Premium Dress
  • Featuring a shawl collar with an embroidered descending dove on the left side. Full length sleeves, with full button front closure, left and right pockets, and a flared design. 
  • Dress is tailored in Viva along princess lines for an easy fit.
  • Machine Washable
    In-stock item orders that are received by 4PM EST Monday through Friday (holidays and Saturdays excluded) are shipped the next business day, and are normally delivered within 7-10 business days, depending on delivery method selected.
  • Please use the chart below to determine the correct size.
  • How to Measure
  • Take Measurements over clothing you normally wear during worship services. If you need further assistance with measuring, please contact your Murphy Robes representative. Our Qwick-Ship® standard sizing patterns have been carefully developed to fit "average" body types with non-exceptional body proportions. Select the size that most closely matches your measurements.
  • Chest: With arms relaxed, measure around the fullest part of the chest, under the arms and across shoulder blades. The tape should be snug but not tight. Keep tape parallel to the floor.
  • Height: Fasten a measuring chart or tape to the wall and stand straight against the wall chart, with "Sunday" shoes on and heels against the wall. The back of the head should touch the chart. Have someone place a ruler on top of your head, parallel to the floor. Your total height in shoes should be used as your height measurement.
  • Sleeve: If you know your exact shirt sleeve length, use this size. To measure, bend elbow and measure from center of back at base of neck, over the shoulder, and around the elbow to the wrist bone, with lower arm parallel to the floor.